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The definitive guide to brushing with braces

Brushing with braces can be a little tricky, but it’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene while undergoing orthodontic treatment. This guide will walk you through the proper way to brush with braces, the tools you’ll need, and the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

The Tools You’ll Need

  1. A regular toothbrush
  2. An interdental toothbrush
  3. Fluoridated toothpaste
  4. A fluoride mouth rinse

The Proper Way to Brush with Braces

1. Clean Above and Below

The first step is to clean above and below the brackets of the braces with a toothbrush. Gently brush above and below the brackets. The most important place to clean is between the brace and the gum. Place the toothbrush on the teeth just below the brace and clean with small backwards and forwards strokes, all the way round from one side to the other.

2. Brush the Tops of Your Teeth

Next, move on to brushing the tops of your teeth, again ensuring that the bristles touch the tops of the braces.

3. Clean Between the Brackets

The brackets create little crevices where food particles can get stuck. To clean these areas, you’ll need to use an interdental brush. Push the brush underneath the wire and in between the brackets to dislodge any food particles.

4. Rinse with Mouthwash

Finally, rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouth rinse for one minute. This will help kill any bacteria that may be hiding in your braces and give you fresh breath. The fluoride will help prevent decay in the teeth and underneath the brace.

The Importance of Brushing with Braces

Good oral hygiene is crucial when you have braces. Food particles and plaque can easily get trapped in the brackets, leading to tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease. Brushing after every meal and especially before bed can help prevent these issues. If you are unable to brush during the day, make sure to at least rinse your mouth with water, especially after eating sugary or sticky foods. But cleaning your teeth and brace well before bedtime is essential. Remember, your orthodontist is your best resource when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene with braces. We can provide you with personalised advice and guidance based on your individual situation.