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Nurturing Your Well-Being

Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic extends its commitment to comprehensive healthcare through our Medical Services, which boast a legacy of over six decades, passed on from father to son and established as a trusted source of medical excellence in Malta. Initiated by Dr John Camilleri MD, one of the founding members of the Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic, the Medical Services are now managed by the experienced and dedicated Dr Timmy Camilleri MD and his son Dr Thomas Camilleri MD. As a beacon of health in our community, we prioritise your overall well-being. Dr. Timmy Camilleri, a seasoned healthcare professional, guides our team in delivering a seamless integration of medical services. Discover a healthcare experience where medical expertise is dedicated solely to optimising your well-being.

Why Choose Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic in Malta for your Medical care?

At Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic, our primary Medical Care services are overseen by the experienced Dr. Timmy Camilleri, who excels in delivering expert medical procedures, showcasing exceptional proficiency for your overall well-being. Trust in our unwavering commitment to advancing your health with precision
and extensive experience.

Successful medical procedures commence with a meticulous evaluation at Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic. We conduct detailed assessments, exploring the specifics of your health condition. This enables us to create personalised treatment plans tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a focused and effective approach to your care.
Transparency is fundamental at Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic. We prioritise keeping you informed at every stage of your medical journey. Our Doctors take the time to explain procedures, discuss alternatives, and establish clear expectations for outcomes. Open communication ensures you are well-informed and actively engaged in choosing Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic.

What services does Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic offer for Medical Care?

Family Doctor Services – By Appointment and Walk-in Clinic

Our family doctor services cater to both scheduled appointments and walk-ins, providing accessible and personalised care for individuals and families alike.

Well-man/Well-woman Examinations

Tailored for both men and women, these examinations focus on preventive care, addressing specific health concerns and promoting overall well-being.

Blood Analysis

Experience the convenience of having blood taken in house, for analysis in a prominent lab, without the need to go to a different clinic. Results will be back on the same day, ensuring prompt and accurate assessment of various health conditions.

Resting ECG

Our comprehensive resting electrocardiogram (ECG) services contribute to cardiac health evaluation, allowing for early detection and management of potential heart-related issues.

Seafarer Medicals (MCA Recognised)

As an MCA-recognised medical facility, we conduct thorough medical examinations for seafarers, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Dr. Timmy Camilleri is an approved Seafarer Doctor.

Medicals for Immigration to Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Dr Timmy and Dr Thomas Camilleri are Panel Doctors for Australia, New Zealand and Canada and so are authorised to conduct medicals via the e-medical system for prospective immigrants to these countries.


Explore advanced cryotherapy services for the treatment of various skin conditions, providing effective and minimally invasive solutions under the care of our experienced medical professionals.


Receive comprehensive advice on travel vaccinations, ensuring you are well-prepared and protected against potential health risks while travelling to different destinations. Our vaccination services cover a range of immunisations, promoting preventive health measures to safeguard against various infectious diseases and ensure overall well-being.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Undergo minor surgical procedures with confidence, as our skilled medical team performs these interventions with precision and utmost care, prioritising your comfort and safety.

Transport Malta Medicals for Both Driving and Boating

Obtain medical certifications for both driving and boating requirements, ensuring compliance with Transport Malta regulations through thorough medical examinations conducted at our Clinic.

Ear Syringing/Cleaning

Experience professional ear syringing and cleaning services, promoting optimal ear health and addressing issues related to earwax buildup and discomfort.

Understanding Well-Man / Well-Woman Examinations at Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic

A Well-Man or Well-Woman Examination at Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic represents a comprehensive and preventive healthcare approach designed to address the specific health needs of individuals based on their gender. Our experienced medical team conducts these specialised examinations to promote overall well-being and early detection of potential health issues.

Key Components of Well-Man / Well-Woman Examinations:

Personalised Health Assessment

The examination begins with a thorough assessment of your individual health history, lifestyle factors, and any specific concerns or symptoms you may have.

Physical Examination

A detailed physical examination is conducted, focusing on various aspects such as cardiovascular health, respiratory function, neurological function, and musculoskeletal health.

Screening for Gender-Specific Health Concerns

For men, the Well-Man Examination may include screenings for prostate health and other male-specific conditions. For women, screenings for breast health, gynaecological health, and reproductive well-being may be included.

Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Monitoring blood pressure and assessing cardiovascular health are integral components, providing insights into heart function and identifying potential risks.

Blood Tests

Well-Man / Well-Woman Examinations often include blood analysis, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of various health markers, including cholesterol levels, blood glucose, and organ function.

Counselling on Lifestyle and Preventive Measures

Our medical team provides personalised advice on lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and preventive measures to support your overall health and well-being

Discussion of Health Goals and Concerns

A crucial aspect of these examinations involves open communication. Patients are encouraged to discuss their health goals, any concerns they may have, and seek guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of Well-Man / Well-Woman Examinations?

Regular examinations contribute to the early detection of potential health issues, allowing for timely intervention and management.
Tailored to individual health needs, these examinations provide personalised preventive care strategies, empowering individuals to take proactive steps for their well-being.
Well-Man / Well-Woman Examinations take a holistic approach, considering various aspects of physical and mental health, fostering overall wellness.
These examinations establish a baseline for your health, aiding in the tracking of changes over time and facilitating more effective healthcare management.
At Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic, our commitment to preventive medicine includes offering Well-Man and Well-Woman Examinations. Led by our experienced medical team, these examinations aim to empower individuals to prioritise and enhance their health through informed choices and early intervention.

What are Seafarer Medicals, and why choose Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic for them?

Seafarer Medicals are specialised medical examinations required for individuals pursuing careers at sea. At Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic, Dr. Timmy Camilleri, the sole authorised Seafarer Doctor in Malta, leads the provision of these crucial medical assessments. Recognised by the MCA and other authorities, the Seafarer Medical Certificate issued by Dr. Timmy Camilleri is from the Norwegian Maritime Authority and holds worldwide recognition, including acceptance by the MCA as equivalent to the ENG1 certification.


The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Appointment Basis

Medicals are conducted by appointment.

No Fasting Required

There is no need for fasting before the medical examination.

Immediate Issuance

The Seafarer Medical Certificate is issued promptly during the appointment. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Comprehensive Examination

The examination includes a full physical assessment, urine test, vision (including colour vision), and hearing test with audiogram.

Choosing Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic for Seafarer Medicals ensures access to comprehensive and recognised assessments, facilitating a smooth and efficient process for individuals pursuing maritime careers.

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