About Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic

Established in 1960 by a trio of esteemed practitioners, Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic has been a cornerstone of healthcare excellence in Sliema. Founded by Dr. Anthony Camilleri, a general dental practitioner, and Dr. John Camilleri, a general medical practitioner, the clinic began its journey in a premises located across the road from our current location. Prof. George Camilleri, an oral surgeon, would subsequently join the practice as a partner.

The legacy continued as the next generation joined the ranks. Dr. Anthony’s son, Simon Camilleri, graduated as a dentist in 1981, enriching the clinic’s offerings. Dr. John’s son, Dr. Timmy, earned his medical degree, further expanding the clinic’s medical capabilities.

In 1996, the clinic welcomed Prof. Camilleri’s children, Nigel and Audrey Camilleri, who both qualified as dentists from the University of Malta. Dr. Audrey pursued postgraduate training in paediatric dentistry, enhancing the clinic’s focus on comprehensive family care.

In 2002, a significant milestone was marked as the clinic relocated to its current premises in Sliema. Simon, Nigel, Kevin, Audrey, and Timmy united as partners to uphold the esteemed family name and continue the tradition of excellence. Over the years, numerous associates have joined the clinic, contributing to its growth and continued commitment to exemplary healthcare. 


Prof. Simon Camilleri GCAP (Lond.)., MSc (Lond.)., PhD (Lond.)., LDSRCS (Eng.)., MOrthRCS(Eng.)., FDSRCS (Eng.)

Prof. Simon Camilleri obtained his basic Dental degree from the University of London in 1981, having studied first at the University of Malta, then at King’s College Hospital Medical School, London, where he subsequently worked, before returning to Malta as a partner in Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic in 1984.

He went back to London to study Orthodontics at Guy’s Hospital, London and the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead from 1987 to 1990, after which he returned to Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic and joined the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the University of Malta as an assistant lecturer in Orthodontics where, after a series of promotions, he was elected Dean in 2006.

He started a Postgraduate course in Orthodontics at the University, in collaboration with King’s College London and was appointed Associate Professor in 2017. He retired from the University of Malta in 2022 and now occupies the post of Reader in Orthodontics, teaching postgraduate Orthodontics part-time at King’s College London, as well as practising at the Clinic. 

Dr. Audrey Camilleri BChD, MSc (Paed), MFDS RCS (Edin)

Dr Audrey Camilleri graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry in 1997 at the University of Malta and in 2000 she furthered her studies at the Eastman Dental Institute, University of London to obtain a Masters Degree in Paediatric Dentistry.

In 2001 she worked at the Edinburgh Dental Institute and obtained the membership of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. She currently lectures undergraduate dental students in paediatric dentistry at the Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Malta and works as a paediatric dentist at Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic. Here she offers dental treatment for apprehensive children and dental phobic patients, sometimes with the use of inhalation sedation (laughing gas). She also regularly provides comprehensive dental treatment under general anaesthesia in a private hospital setting for those patients who cannot cope with dental treatment. She has a special interest in dental trauma, early childhood caries and Molar incisor hypomineralisation.

She is also the representative of the Dental Association of Malta as the EU International liaison officer and has represented them at Council of European Dentists Meetings for the past 15 years. 

Dr. Nigel Camilleri B.Ch.D.

Dr. Nigel Camilleri, holding a Bachelor of Dentistry degree obtained in 1997 from the University of Malta, brings extensive expertise to Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic. With a notable focus on dental implants, Dr. Camilleri has pursued additional training and education in this specialised field, ensuring patients receive cutting-edge treatment options.

He has undertaken numerous courses on Botox and dermal fillers, further enhancing his skill set to provide comprehensive facial rejuvenation services.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Camilleri is deeply passionate about music. As an avid enthusiast, he actively engages in organising concerts, demonstrating a multifaceted approach to his interests and endeavours.  

Dr. Maria Xuereb B.Ch.D., MSc Restorative by research(Melit)., MSc Endodontics(Lond)

Dr Maria Xuereb graduated as a dental surgeon from the University of Malta in 2010. In 2012 she read for a Masters in Restorative dentistry by Research with the University of Malta focusing her studies on different dental materials used in dentistry.

In her studies she collaborated with the Department of Engineering and the Department of Architecture of the University of Malta for her lab work studies. She also read for a Masters in Endodontics with King’s College London in 2018. Since 2013 she has been a clinical demonstrator at the University of Malta Teaching Clinic and is also a lecturer for the undergraduate programs. In her free time she also loves cooking and baking.

Dr. Kevin Mulligan B.Ch.D., FDSRCS(Eng)., M.Sc.(Lon)., MOrthRCS(Eng.)., MOrth(Eng)

Kevin Mulligan qualified as a dental surgeon from the University of Malta in 1995.

Following a two year period in Malta as dental house officer, he left Malta for the United Kingdom where he worked as Senior House Officer in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, obtaining the Fellowship in Dental Surgery degree from the Royal College of Surgeons of London in 1998.

He subsequently embarked on specialist training in Orthodontics that was completed in 2002 with speciality Memberships in Orthodontics of the Royal Colleges of Edinburgh and London, as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Orthodontics, from the University of London. He is registered as a specialist orthodontist both in the UK and Malta.

He is consultant orthodontist in Malta as well as senior lecturer in Orthodontics at the University of Malta. His special interests include use of aligners particularly when integrated with traditional fixed appliances, as well as use of temporary anchorage devices and orthognathic surgery. 

Dr. Alex Turnbull MDS (Melit.)

Alex graduated as a dentist from the University of Malta in 2021. One of Alex’s standout qualities as a dentist is his genuine interest in getting to know his patients. He listens to their wishes to provide tailor made treatment plans to each individual patient. His goal is to ensure each patient has a pleasant experience and is looking forward to their next visit.

Beyond his dental profession, Alex has a fascinating dual career. He is an accomplished marine photographer, covering prestigious yacht races around Europe and the Caribbean and also had ties within the super yacht industry. He believes that having a balance between two different careers keeps one exciting to go back to. Dr. Alex’s commitment to personalised patient care, his unique combination of careers, and his passion for both dentistry and the marine world make him a dynamic and intriguing individual. His dedication to creating a positive dental experience for his patients is a testament to his caring nature, and his multifaceted interests enrich his life and the lives of those around him. 

Dr Timmy Camilleri MD

Dr. Timmy Camilleri completed his medical degree at the University of Malta in 1988 and subsequently undertook a two-year internship at St. Luke’s Hospital. Following this, he joined Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic as a general practice partner alongside his father, Dr. John Camilleri. With extensive experience, Dr. Timmy Camilleri holds a senior position within the Dental/Medical practice.

Notably, Dr. Timmy Camilleri serves as the Panel Doctor in Malta for various immigration departments, including those of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Additionally, he is the recommended physician by the French and US Embassies. Dr. Camilleri is also an Approved Seafarer Doctor for the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, making him the sole authorised practitioner in Malta for Seafarer medical examinations.

Emphasising preventive medicine, Dr. Timmy Camilleri conducts comprehensive Well-man and Well-woman examinations, which include in-house blood tests and electrocardiograms (ECGs). His dedication to proactive healthcare ensures that patients receive thorough assessments and personalised care plans. 

Dr Thomas Camilleri MD

Dr Thomas Camilleri is a third-generation family doctor, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who built the medical practice at Camilleri Dental Medical Clinic. He graduated from the University of Malta in 2021 and went on to complete two years of foundation training at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta, during which he worked in a wide variety of medical and surgical specialties. He is currently undergoing his formal general practitioner training within the primary health care system in Malta.

Dr Thomas Camilleri is a passionate and dedicated family doctor committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services to individuals and families. With a blend of medical expertise, empathy, and a patient-centred approach, he strives to foster a trusting relationship with each patient, focusing on their well-being and holistic health.

He is also a panel doctor for the Canadian Immigration Department, and a published author in a peer reviewed scientific journal.